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Toure A. Karim Project Index

TAK Project Index (TAK PI) is just a simple hub for some of @trabdlkarim most important software development projects. You can think of it as a personal development lab with various projects that you could customize for your own use upon downloading.

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Welcome to TAK PI!

Welcome to the Toure A. Karim Project Index, a collection of projects and references to help you download and share software packages. TAK Project Index is a core set of various types of personal software projects.



Recent Projects

New Projects

You can check out here the most recent projects that have been added to TAK PI. This section is designed to present you the five newest projects in this index. You will find here different new projects for you to play with, and much more.

  1. voce-browser 0.15.56
  2. noteoverflow 1.2.34
  3. algolytica 1.7.2
  4. dscore 7.8.3
  5. eulernizer 3.4.5

See all the details in Browse all projects for more information.

New Releases




You may choose to upgrade to the newest project releases with more features or bug fixes.

Hot off the press: the newest project releases

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Developer Resources

TAK PI produces a wide variety of projects, code snippets, plugins and other resources that can be useful or helpful. Below is a collection of links to some of the most popular TAK PI resources.

Find out more about all available other resources.


This index is mainly maintained on GitHub by @trabdlkarim and other contributors. We happily accept any contributions and feedback. 😊

  • trabdlkarim
  • dependabot[bot]

See About TAK PI for more information.

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