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Licensing and Copyrighting

Nobody wants to deal with the legalities of software development, but they are a fact of life.

Without licenses and a clear understanding of copyrights using an Open Source project would be impossible for individuals and companies alike. To ensure that everybody can use projects and code from the TAK PI here are the rules with regards to how we handle licenses and individual code contributions.


  1. License
  2. Copyrights
  3. Exceptions


The TAK PI Projects are Open Source, and all licensed under the three clause BSD license. For detailed copyright and license information, see License & Copyright. This license was chosen to let people do almost anything they want with the projects, like making and distributing closed source versions.


We never did copyright reassignments or CLAs and we will continue not doing this. Our contributors are from all parts of the world and copyrights are something that are mostly covered from an American legal point of view which often does not translate well into other jurisdictions. If you contribute to TAK PI projects you contribute to it with the understanding that your own contributions are also provided under the same license as the TAK PI project.


Some parts of the projects might follow slightly modified licenses. For instance website content and documentation might fall under CC0 or similar licenses.

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